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New Baas Build 1940 ULH

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Got a ways to go yet as I dig out and collect parts to finish it but here it is as of now. 1940 frame, 1940 ULH 80" flatty

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lol, never saw that coming...
Looking for a magneto for this if anyone has an old one, I am a morris dealer but would rather use an old one as the motor will not be all spit shined and polished.

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looks good
good looking rig already - looking forward to the progress
great stance :)
I saw this on another "motorcycle" forum.
Just saddened me it had 200 hits.
It will be sweet.
That's looking great!
Wow, neat stuff.

Thanks all. This one will evolve as time goes on, but I'm not looking for styling tips from anyone..thanks.
"Unless they're cool".

What were you expecting when you posted pics of it?
Any leads on a magneto?? Let me know
It's been a while since any updates on this one. I got the motor back from a full rebuild from Lee's Speed shop

and now am working towards putting together the ULH finally
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Oh, so good to see it back. And you to Teach!
Will this be for sale when done,or are you keeping it?
great stance
Funniest comment on here...
It's stock, of course its great...
Funniest comment on here...
It's stock, of course its great...
made me laugh out loud.....looks awesome, of course! Gets the wheels spinning in my head too
Been a long time since I updated this but here is what ended up happening with the 40 ULH
Brought it to my high school chopper class to get the kids partially involved with the build to make it my Born Free 6 invited builders entry

After mock up the kids helped with reassembly when parts started coming back from paint and powder

got it all done the day it was to be on its way to California

Then on the way back Michael Lichter shot it in his studio in Colorado

And this last week it was in Micheals Sturgis Buffalo Chip Built for Speed Motorcycles as art Exhibit

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awesome teach, that cut-out of your BF5 bike in the backround is Fing sweet
21 - 40 of 45 Posts
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