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new b from central florida

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Hey great to be a member of the journal I currently own and ride a 1968 xlch ironhead sportster I wanted this bike for many years and knew the way I wanted it to look. I have some mechanical skills developed with small engines mostly and my own vehicles. I learned to weld in high school 25 years ago but have not used the skill since. I love old bikes personally and prefer them over the more modern bikes sportsters mainly are my favorite. I am currently gathering parts for a new project that I intend to do on my own with my son I am devoting my free time to this and developing the skill to accomplish this task. I am a veteren of the gulf war I served with 2 nd marine division as a navy corpsmen and have worked in the medical field for 24 years it pays the bills. Mechanically I have taken courses on small engine repair and the shade tree method I own a lot of hanes manuels for the future I am connecting with people that can help me in the areas I am deficient mechanically I am practicing my welding and metal work along with body work and painting. It took 2 years to put the last bike together and I am still chasing bugs with help from good people again I am glad to be apart of this community and look forward to socializing with other like minded people.
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Welcome and thanks for you service!! The sporty you built is sharp.
Welcome to the JJ. Plenty of knowledge to be found on here. I'm also ex-Navy (ret) and own an iron head (72).
Thanks for the welcome happy new years and hope you enjoy my bike pictures.
welcome from TAMPA!
good on ya for the father/son build,,,,,its what this board is all about!
Welcome from the Nature Coast of Fla. and many thanks for your service to our country.
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