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need the following parts for a RL 45.

-a front 7 bolt steel head.
-all of the cams(34-36 RL only, wl cams wont work)
-pistons(if they arent the same as the later 45s? cuz i know i can buy those new)
-pinion gear(straight with single keyway)
-carb (m-16, but any 45 carb will do really as this is not a perfect restore)
-output shaft bushing

i also need a junk cam that i can cut a 36 tooth gear off of for a front drive magneto.

i am on a budget, would like parts that need work or repair, i dont mind chips or broken fins ect. i can pretty much weld or braze anything if need be(not talking about gears) so any of you have any of these parts?!
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