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Nick, bike looks sweet so far and kudos for building your own forks for it.

as to your question:
the lower springs, when fully extended with no load at all, are about 6.75" long, right? ideally, with you on the bike, you'd like to have just a little bit of compression on the springs, say 1" or so. the maximum compressed length for the typical lower springs is about 3.625" or so.

that means that you're going to have a linear movement of about 2.125" compression when at maximum load. now, the tire *will* move in an arc, but it ain't that extreme of an arc if you set the angle of the rockers about right and in the right relationship to the front legs of the springer. if it were a huge arc, and you set the rockers up to move the front wheel out or in in relation to the front legs, handling would get squirrelly.

at 1.25" of clearance, you need to ask yourself a few questions like "how hard do i ride?" and "how bad are the roads i'm likely to be on?" in other words, how likely are you to cause those lower springs to compress over 1.25" (about 1/2 of their potential travel)?

and then again, if it were me, i'd verify all the numbers i just threw out with the actual set of springs you plan on running. compress them, and see for sure how much they move from one inch compression to full compression. also, you can do a mockup of the setup you're thinking about with plywood. it's cheap and will give you a better idea of what you're looking at.

oh, and on the trail thing, the info you have about false and true trail is right, but that little of a difference is so minimal that it really don't matter which one you use.

hope this helps.

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