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Need Help with Triumph Ignition

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O.K. I'll go through this step by step

What I got
71 t100c with all stock points, condensers, coils, a tympanium and run a battery.

What Happened
Pulled up to a stop sign and the fucker died. Started right back up but had no throttle response. I reved it a minute and it fired up but died again. I had to truck it home. (Thanks again Jay)

What I Have Done
First let me tell you that I believe this to be an ignition problem because when I spray some juice directly into the carb I get no go. The bike will start but idles shitty. I raised the idle at the carb to keep it running and started plugging away.

I first isolated the lights to make sure it wasn't a short in the head light, brake or tail light. I then jumped the ignition switch. I checked spark at both plugs. The bike will run on one cylinder or the other. I checked the gap at the points. My battery was low so I charged it. It doesn't seem to want to keep a charge so I eliminated it from the system.

I am now just running the bike with no lights and no battery with the same problem. It will start fine but has no throttle response. Rev it and its just BAHHH...BAHHH, let go of the throttle and it idles. I checked DC voltage coming out of the tympanium and it seems to be within range. Its hard to get a good reading as I cannot rev the motor up. Voltage seems to be good at the coils as well.

Anybody have any ideas?
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Is your spark blue and crisp ? Also Id check the auto advance just twist the cam in the center of the points to see if it works .
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