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I'm going to be making up a mount for foot pegs and stopped down at the local indy to see if they had a foot peg holdy thing to match the single I had.

Surprisingly they did, and it came with a broken spline shaft from whatever control it was previously mounted to. I'm pretty damn happy to see the splined shaft, since I thought I'd need to be making them.

So below are pics of the part. What Y/M/M control had this long of a shaft with the spline on the end? There's 1" diameter part of the shaft is 1.5" long and then steps down to .75" where the splines start. Overall length is 2.5".

Where can I get one on the cheap?

My plan is to weld these onto my peg supports. If you've got one, please PM me.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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