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need help w/ a dyna s and a '55 H-D

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i have called dynatec and have had no luck (yet).
ive searched the web, this site, and others.

who knows how to static time a dyna "s" ing on a '55 harley?
if i can get this bit of info my motor may be done soon.
thanx in advance(pun intended)
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Not sure if this helps but grabbed from another site:

Q. Will the Dyna S work in early Panhead applications with reverse rotation distributors?

A. Yes the Dyna S works in these applications extremely well. Just remember that in these reverse rotation appplications that the front cylinder becomes the rear for ignition purposes. When using the DS6-2 single fire, simply reverse the black and white wires. With the DS6-1 dual fire, simply use the rear cylinder timing marks. Some modification to the mounting plate may be necessary for proper clearance.
i think i got the answer.
dynatec finnally answerd and theyre gonna email me the details.
i hope that works.
Try the search engine here as well regarding Dyna'll find some good info regarding timing and what to look out for.

Your biggest concern is that you are applying this to a reverse rotation timer. And, if you fuck up the wiring for the S, you can short-circuit it. Be careful.
With regard to rotation, if you're using the dual-fire Dyna S that has ONE POLE in the rotor, rotation doesn't matter.

I made up a timing events diagram to prove it (I need to diagram things out for myself sometimes). This diagram will be helpful when making/modifying ignition system on all 45deg V-Twin motor 720deg firing cycle.

If you really want to hide that Dyna, you can convert a stock HD timing cup in about an hour. I've done a few of these for friends.

Whole article on how to do it is here:

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