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need advise on hot to add pike nuts to a springer

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I have fine thread 1/2" bolts holding the springs down. I want to screw pike nuts onto that but the top is a female for an alan key. There would have to be a bolt sticking out the top so I can screw on the pike nuts. I need a screw that is all thread with a jammer nut in the middle. Where can I get this? thanks
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Did Arlen Ness and Denver Mullins even use pike nuts?
unsure on the answer to the Ness/Mullins question but that's a damn nice lookin' springer just the way she sits..Acme?
I think you answered your own question. Grade 8 all thread and a jam nut. Bottom the all thread, screw on the jam nut (loctite might be a good idea) Then the pike nut. Obviously cut to length and dress the cut ends.
Gasketrapper: where do I get that though? Been to hardware stores, motorcycle shops, auto part stores, home depot

I am guessing a machine shop?
Damn it comes 3'long. well if anyone needs some, PM me
Damn it comes 3'long. well if anyone needs some, PM me
Trust me, if you get the bug to turn wrenches and build Bikes you will find many uses for the Remnants left over. Great for use with pullers, fixtures, linkages etc. etc. etc.
As Gasket said and you can use the rest of it right now to build a clamp to hold it togeather while ya take the bolts out or they will end up way the hell over on the other side of the shop when ya take them loose with out a clamp.
It's yours, but please don't put Pike nuts on a Ness springer. It had to be said.
Pike nuts are for pikers!!:p
I have to agree with MeanMike no pike nuts. That thing is calling for acorn nuts or something similar. I'm thinking a smooth nut that you could put on with a strap wrench and blue loctite. Damn it now I have another thing I want to make for my scoot!
Right- so when are Pike Nuts cool?
uh oh--

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My bike is a prism tanked digger
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