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About 9 months ago a friend and riding buddy had a cab pull out in front of him and he hit it head on at 50mph. He was really lucky and was able to walk away with minor injuries...However, his bike didnt fair to well. The complete front end was destroyed. His bike hasnt been together since the accident and this kat is a rider. Puts tons of hard miles on his bikes. Hes broke as a joke and cant afford to live so myself and a few other guys are trying to get him going. We got him a 35mm front end but the problem is the stem is too short for his big twin frame.

If someone has a 35mm lower tree with a 1in stem that will work on for a big twin I would like to take it off your hands. It doesnt have to be anything special and surely not expensive because its coming out of my pocket. Thanks in advance.
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