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Neck bearing help

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Anyone have a site or shop that can help me out with neck bearings?

I just yanked my old bearings out of an amen frame fitted for a triumph unit. The bearings were stamped made in England and looked standard, my neck on my springer appeared to be one inch too.

Assumption costs you money as we all know. The standard triumph to Harley neck bearings didn't work because the PO cleverly shaved the cups down 3 mm and to top that off my neck on my springer is 1.2 something inches or 27 mm.

Bottom line is I need some bearings just a little off standard both ways

Any reccomendations?
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Do you have a local bearing dealer? I just take the I.D. and O.D. measurements to my store and they figure it out for me.
I saw a place off the highway the other day... Don't know if it's a distributor or like a walk in and buy stuff kind of joint. But it's worth a try
I have heard nothing but good things about Buffalo Bearings. Give them a try.

1175 Military Road Buffalo, NY 14217
1-800-669-8019 (716) 874-1720
well, buffalo bearings did their best to help me, but a 27mm stem with a 45mm or under racer just doesnt seem to exist after we went through about 10 books for an hour,

we got a set close, and I shaved down the stem just enough to pound the fucker in. Super ghetto set up but the old springer was weird and very custom. It seems to work and is solid though
That's cool. If it works then good to go !
Yeah...besides,neck bearings don't get a whole hell of alot of workout.Not like a wheel bearing or something.
That's why they are called choppers right? High speed high death time bombs. Roll the dice and ride
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