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hello all, my name is jon. im from fayetteville arkansas, i was introduced to the site by a good buddy of mine. he actually got me started on a 68-9 tiger, which i will be converting to a bonnie whenever i get around to building her (ground up build). but my current build is a 97" sporty. i have already chopped her up and welded a hard tail on her, custom sportbike style drag bars, (also have a set or flyrite 16" apes) same ones "The Gent" had on his bike in "Hell Ride", lowered her, custom oil tank, battery tray, hand shifter/hand clutch, custom seat and spring. ill post pics of her whenever i get to use a computer other than the one here at my work, ha ha. boss kinda frowns on us uploading pics and such. anyways i hope to meet some cool ass people on here and learn a thing or two at the same time!

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