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Been building my 74 Shovel Chopper and came to an issue on the front fork. I running a Durfee girder that measure 5 inches between the tubes. I'd like to run a disc brake plus an 80 spoke hub since I picked up an 80 spoke wheel that matches the rear. The rim is laced to a wide glide hub so I'll need to re-lace it to a narrower hub. Anyone had any luck running a disc brake on a super narrow (5 inch) front end? Anyone know of a 80 spoke hub narrow enough to run with a disc?

I know they make a drum hub that would help for clearance but they don't make it in 80 spoke config. I'm thinking I can offset the hub when I re-lace it for a little more clearance too.

Thanks in advance!

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Think you are mixing metaphors, so to speak.
Girders are simple and light.
80 spokes are not.
More unsprung weight = more pogo, and that girder has no damping mechanism.
Find yourself some dirt bike wheels.
Some had narrow small drums, might even find one with a runnable disk setup.
36 spoke is "different" if that's what you're going for.
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