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Mystery trees

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anyone got an idea who made these narrow 41mm trees?
they're made of cast steel and the only inscription I could find is the obvious ''74'' in the top tree...

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the weird thing is, there is no headlight mount bolt holes...
Headlamp could be mounted from the sides by a fork stantion clamp.

I had a set of forks where the light bracket was connected to the fork stops , maybe same deal there
the p.o. had some cheap cafe racer style clamps around the forks, looked like shit!
Maybe the headlight could be mounted upside down off the bottom of the riser bolts?
No Phil, if I recall correctly, I've never seen these before...

I did see a lot of early custom trees without headlight mounting holes that's not so uncommon..
(Usually for sidemount Bates headlights clamped to the fork legs)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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