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personally I like the idea of running a drum like you have, & have been thinking of doing that very thing. seriously....

with big twins & sporty drums your tied to pretty much a 51 tooth, I know at one time you could get a sprocket with 1 or 2 teeth less, but I have not been able to find one.

I am planning to run a front drum brake, & want to run a british rear for the smaller sprocket, I like 46 to 48 tooth rear sprockets, & on a light weight bike, you wont have problems with accelerating if you keep bike light, I have done that with disc brakes, but now I want to do it with drum, & my frame also happenes to have a cross over shaft.

I like gas mileage, and planning for dual fuel tanks, & wanting ability to ride 300+ miles between filups.

as for what was said already, sportster rear brakes definately were not the greatest, however, I dont know which bike would be heavier, a stock sportster, or a stripped down big twin, I have no experience with british bikes, for how the brakes were, but figured I would try, to at least be different, plus to get a taller gear.

also, fabricating parts is what this life is about, & not just being bolt on.....

have fun & chop away.

1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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