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You would be better off starting from scratch.

Your easiest option is to sell the Triumph brakes, sell the Sportster wheel, and buy a star hub wheel and a mechanical brake setup. It looks like you have a cross shaft tube. Those will all be HD or replica parts and they should bolt up without having to machine or weld anything. The eBay listing you posted would be a good start. You'll also need the pedal, cross shaft and linkage.

A Hydraulic drum setup will also bolt into the axle plates, but you'd need to add a tab for the brake anchor. There are several threads on here about juice drum brakes, what fits what, etc. A disc brake using a dual flange shovel type hub isn't a big deal either. You'd need adapters to make the 3/4" axle fit your axle plates. Fab Kevin makes some. And an anchor tab welded on. I've seen guys use a 3 piece clamp for an anchor tab, but I wouldn't.

Any of those is gonna be considerably easier than trying to adapt a Sportster brake to your Big Twin frame. I'm not saying it can't be done, but why? Even though you've got half the parts already, the Sporty drum brake is pretty anemic on a Sporty, and the extra weight of the BT sure wouldn't improve things.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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