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BikerWanabe said:
I'm looking for a daily rider, but something that I can also gradually make into something cool. I've seen some cool custom CB's and Yamachops and even though I know you can turn them into something unique, I just can't seem to get my head around the "geek factor" that I seem to have implanted in my head. I blame the likes of HOT BIKE and Easy Rider for skewing my POV in my formative years, but am I wrong?
I've got a lot of respect for someone that can take a bike where there is virtually no aftermarket support for it and turn it into a badass ride using their engineering and fabrication skills.

Any joker can buy an ironhead, shovel or triumph and turn it into a really cool looking, but basic, bobber or chopper without a lot of work or money. Fuck, you can even get every part you need to do it without leaving your house (provided you have the internet and money). Keeping them on the road is the hard part.

I've seen some really cool newer Yamaha and Honda V-twins around here. Ape Hangers or Drag Bars, straight pipes, hacked rear fenders and no front fender, scalloped paint jobs. That's a lot closer to a real bobber then an assembled after market bike with a sporty tank and a springer. There is a lot of potential with those bikes and why the majority of people are ignoring them is beyond me.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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