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Tell me about that RevTech trans. Is it a 5 in a 4? Does it fit stock HD clutch? How do you like it?
I have the exact same RevTech transmission. RevTech takes a lot of bad mouthing but this transmission has given me over 90,000 trouble free miles. Only had to replace the mainshaft seal once in all those miles. I have a new set of Andrews gears and shafts that I'm going to install in the transmission this month. After 90K it's just started to whine a bit and I'd rather be proactive and rebuild then have the thing come apart at 70mph and lock-up the rear wheel. I was going to put the new parts in a '46 knuck 4-speed case, but when I set it next to the RevTech case it just looks weak. The aftermarket case is much beefier. I put a lot of miles on my bike so I'll sacrafice some of the vintage pieces for reliability and strength.

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