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my intro

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I've been lurking around but havent had the chance to introduce myself.I'm Charlie from El Paso, Tx. workin on finishing a simple chopper that's been in my head about 20 years.Alot of bikes have passed thru my hands but this one is all mine..forever.Its a kick only dual plugged shovel in a West Coast Chopper frame.its at paint right now and hopefully I knock it out as soon as it comes back.I'm a workin man with kids , a mortgage a stressful job and I think this place and my chopper are gonna help all that.nice to meet you all.


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welcome to the board. ive only been on a little while & most of these guys have given me all the help/parts/advice/motivation ive needed while building my bike. this site has been the best tool ive got.

your bike looks pretty wild. i kinda dig the raw tank & fender with the green frame. looks like a grimey monster.
I was raised in the E.P.

I still miss the mountains!

Welcome, keep us updated ( visually) on your CFL(?)!

Frank in Austin
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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