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My uncle who I respected so much is now gone but not forgotton, dont forget to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you, He was my motorcycle inspiration -

Texas - Florentino "Lico" Subia, a man known for his devotion to his family, his motorcycle and his nation died Sunday -- his 75th birthday, his wife, Mickie Subia, said.

Subia was the founder of the Iron Horses Motorcycle Club, was friends with the president and spent countless hours helping his community.

"If you stop any biker in the city and ask them who Lico was, they would tell you," said Mando Parra, coordinator of the El Paso Motorcycle Coalition. "He was very respected in the biking community.

Being one of the oldest motorcyclists in El Paso, he was very known."

The Rev. Michael Moore, a member and pastor for the Iron Horses, said Subia recently suffered from cancer and a foot injury, but died days after having a heart attack and stroke.

"He just touched so many different lives," Moore said.

Subia lived in his Chihuahuita home in South El Paso for decades and became well-known for a mural he commissioned outside it that memorialized his son who died in a motorcycle accident in 1980.

The mural gained the attention of President Bush and Laura Bush, and they became friends soon after.

He was appointed by President Bush in 2003 to the board of directors of the Legal Services Corp. -- a nonprofit organization that provides legal services to low-income people.

"That was one of the reasons he was appointed ... he cared about people," Moore said. "He's a legend around El Paso."

Billy Gomez, 49, knew Subia since he was a child.

"He was a real good person, real giving," Gomez said. "We were not even in the first grade, and we would wait for him to get out of work and he would give us rides around the barrio. We lost a good person there." Moore said Subia, a Korean War veteran, will be buried at Fort Bliss National Cemetery.

The services were amazing over 500 motorcyclists were in attendance and a line so far back to pay their respects to a great one. My uncle was a boxing legend in the area and a true biker. Never forget!! R.I.P Tio.
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