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My homemade cafe seat

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It took me 2 solid weeks, but I'm proud. It's my first time doing any of this. The bike is a 1977 Yamaha RD400, customized quite a bit. All the pics are here:

As it was


Making the form
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Priming the form

Making a 2-part mold

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Fiberglassing the seat


Fits goooOood

And it fits, halleluja!

So yeh I'm stoked and proud
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Jesus, that looks like a lot of work. It turned out nice, though.
Hi,You should be proud.Nice job!Thanks for the good pics.Always wondered how to make one.I need to tackle a seat job for a 70 TR6R.I might have the inspiration now.Well,maybe not now but sometime.Too much other crap going on.
ok, hows about sending me the mold so's I can make one too for my 69 T-500.
Damn fine job you did there indeed. Bike looks great
Fuck the seat, your receding hairline is bad as a motherfucker!
^^^ Bwahahahahaha rock on Tony
Tony Bones said:
Fuck the seat, your receding hairline is bad as a motherfucker!
Looks great man, nice work. Love seeing all the in-progress pics.
^ great job and photo log as well :)
Nice work!, Fiberglass isn't the easiest stuff to work with.
What was used for a mold release? Got any pics with the seat pad on it? That gap between the gas tank & seat sux on yamaha's, I've got a solo seat from a dirt tracker that just looks kinda weird with that gap Damnit!
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