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My Flyrite Scorcher Sportster-Update

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Getting pretty close to firing her up.
Progress has been slow and spotty,depending on when I've been able to do any work.


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I know you said in your other thread, but I couldn't find it. What springer is that? I am not very good at telling by looking.
That's a DNA brand,which is a knock-off of a Paughco.
Sunday,July 1st Update:
After getting her minimally wired up and straightening out a few uh-ohs,I got her lit.
The beast is ALIVE!!
Sounds awesome with the open fishtail pipes,too.
Gotta get this thing on the road and start tearing up some pavement now!!
Is that white car for sale? Ha ha ha

Nope,the T/A is an 'on-hold' project.
Will get back to it after finishing these scooters.
I could look up the specs for the frame on Flyrite's Website....or you could state it in your reply to this post....but my real question long is the front end? stock length? +2??

Looking pretty good. Nice stance. Get going!
The frames are 2 up and 5 out.
I assume the springer is standard,but couldn't swear to that.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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