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My First Contribution - Air Station

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I made this air station this past week. Thought I would share with the mechanics and weekend garage warriors. I got it from a wood working magazine. Other than the crap copper fittings available today it turned out nice. It has been a while since I sweated any pipe. I am amazed that it holds air as loose as the fittings were and it was difficult to keep it all line up nice and straight. It was not cheap either. I already had the wood and the copper pipe. I had to purchase the fittings, hose, regulator, oiler and portable air tank. I have about $200.00 in all of that.

The compressor attaches with a quick disconnect to the pipe at the bottom left. The air tank attaches with a QD at the top and can also be used in conjunction with the compressor tank for additional capacity or can be removed and used as a portable air tank. There is a coiled air hose for any random tools like air nozzle and tire inflator. The QD in the middle is dry air and an oiler on the end for air tools.

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Nice, clean rig. A more common method is to use PVC (or ABS, maybe) pipe. Way cheaper and easier to join. (Use primer!) I'd be worried about a blowout at a sweated copper joint, but that's just the way I solder! :)
Plastic pipe does necessitate running a ground wire inside to get rid of static electricity build-up.
Again, nice job.
The reason for the copper is PVC will break down over time and the explosions are dangerous. No worry on the joints if sweated properly, although; I may question that myself with the loose fittings and non lead solder. Maybe they need to loose for the new solders, duno.

Sand or wire brush joints and use flux. Let the pipe melt the solder not the flame and they should hold just fine.

They do make a plastic pipe now just for air but not available in my neck of the woods.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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