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I think your posting is in the wrong spot.

Hey fellas,

We've gotten a ton of feedback the last few weeks about the direction of The Jockey Journal and where it has been heading. Put shortly, we've taken it seriously. After considering all of the positives and negatives we received, it became pretty obvious (to me anyway) that most of the issues we face are basically the result of us not really narrowing the direction of this forum to a point that is understandable by everyone. As such, we are doing that now...

I realize this is going to upset quite a few people, but from here on out we are going to dedicate The Jockey Journal to traditionally influenced British, Euro, and American bikes only. While we will let a few Jap based threads roll every now and then, we are no longer going to host the majority of them.

The decision was a hard one... I think we all realize that there is some great Jap based threads out there. However, The Jockey Journal needs more focus and less traffic at this stage in its life and we are hoping that narrowing the topics down does that for us. This decision in no way means that we (as a group) think you are lesser of a man if you are into the Jap scene... It's just not where we want to be right now.

We may or may not get even more focused in the future. Time will tell...

We are also working on other changes. In the next few days, our classified section will be closed down, all ads deleted, and a new classified section opened. It will be divided by "for sale" and "wanted". Both shops and individuals will be welcomed to post ads in the section. However, we are working on a way to label each in the future.

In fact, we are hoping to launch a new forum version in a few months with a number of new features. One of which is an expanded user page that allows users to upload their own photo galleries, create groups, etc... We are testing on the Jalopy Journal right now and folks seem to really dig it.

Just alittle reading for you.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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