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Here's a few bad scans of the bikes I've ridden over the years(if I'm smart enough to post them). I'll try to post some better pics later, but my scanner broke and I'd rather buy parts for my projects than a new scanner right now.
The white Knuck is the first bike I ever built/owned. It's a 47 EL with an XA springer. I built it in the late 60's, rode it for a few years and swapped it for a Purple 72 FLH in the mid 70's. I thought I needed the NEWEST custom scooter in town, so I built the bike that's in the top right of the second picture. I put a lot of miles and smiles on that bike, road trips every weekend. Rode it to Sturgis in 78. A customer made me an offer I couldn't refuse in the early 80's and I sold it. My next personal daily rider was a Sturgis that I built into the bike in at the bottom of the second picture. Rode it for a while and swapped it for an 87 FXLRC that I tore apart and rebuilt. Don't have pictures of it right now but I'll find some. The Pan was a basket case that I bought off of a friend, so that he could buy a horse (go figure). I built it into the Red and White resto-ride here. I got tired of folks asking me if it was original, so I sold the rolling chassis, kept the drivetrain and stasrted building it again. I hope to have it finished in a couple of months as a 60's.70's chop. The picture of the Pan was taken at the 93 Easyriders show in Waco where it won the Panhead class.
In the picture, I'm wearing the red shirt, anyone recoginize the other guy?
Nuff typing, my fingers are gettin numb.
Larry T
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