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WOW! That's gonna' be fast build! Lookin' good though! Post pics when you get 'er done!
RatRodder said:
Bought this rough project a week and half ago, I got the engine running but riped everything out and threw it on this ridged frame. Striped the tank and fender. Cut the fender down alot, mounted to pertches from the seat pan to the fender... mounted the tank and made the batterybox out of an old ammo box.. Had to cut it down about 4 inches.
made the tailight bracket and licence plate bracket out of 18 gauge, im using a old model a taillight....

oil tank when i got it was aftermarket harly,, it was 6 inchs round and i needed 4.. talked to a guy at my local for welders and pipefitters. his apprentince is making one out of stainless, polishing it up and making all the fitts and inlet tube. its gonna look sick and save me 400 bucks!

mounted the engine last night toooooo...

well heres a few pictures till i get more of the finished thing

starting paint today,,, oh yea this bikes gotta be done by saturday for a car show.... 2 weeks, and this is my first bike... crazy
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