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holy shit. small world eh? looks like nobody got to eat anyone's shoe. our boy ratrodder (aka steve) sold this shit pile to me the 1st week of february - very unfinished. this is the bike ive been working my ass off building the past month straight. i still have a couple months of building left to go. even IF i make my deadline of the 2nd week of may, ill be so surprised, ill eat my own shoes!

steve is a good dude & i cruise cars with him pretty regularly during the summer. he decided he really needed to get his car finished before he took on anything else so he bailed on the bike & sold it to me. funny thing is, its been passed around to about 3 or 4 other guys i know, even before it got to him! this is the pig that nobody wants, except my dumb ass. i have this thing down to every nut & bolt right now. the motor was pretty shot & i have about $1500 it the motor alone already & its still at the shop being rebuilt by a pro. both wheels were shot (6" flat spots in em). the hardtail was bent & cracked (since been cut off & the new one should be in this week). it still has little/no electricals. i dont think ive ever worked harder on a project, thanks to the kick in the head from you guys in the beginning when i was pretty overwhelmed with all the issues it had. plus, so many people (except my motorhead friends & my girl) have kept telling me what a piece of shit it is & itll never run, its motivated me to make this the meanest, cleanest & most reliable bobber i can possibly build.

i guess ill keep this post going with update pics, just in case steve is still watching. haha. thats right you tall fucker, this bitch is mine now & its gonna get done!! :p
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