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The more I rebuild this thing, the more I find. At one point some badass in the 70s I think had one hell of a drag bike. Many "dirty" tricks in this thing but over the years and owners it's just to a point that it makes rebuilding it a pain in the ass

so we have a 68 t120r bottom, with a 71 top, odd smaller OD exhaust manifolds, 750 big bore and earlier 60s rocker boxes, stuffer 13th plate in the clutch basket with bigger springs to fit that 13th plate. When I tried 12 with new friction plates it just was slip city. The odd tabs I chopped off the rear of the frame may have been for wheelie bars now that I think about it

First thing I did was blow the bike up and burn down my garage. No problem, switched to mikuni carbs, new tank, stripped and painted the frame, cleaned up the springer and a new front tire, I decided the half burned brand new MK2 would have to suffice

Cleaned up the engine as best I could, Total re gasket, new oil lines, ect. Rebuilt the joe hunt mag, new pushrods. Got it starting first kick and idling good, then we have a clutch problem

Anyway I finally got the clutch figured out and working with the help of loffer and his parts, and the lights working with the aid of a next day delivery Stator unit from mr. Speedandnoise, I'm ready to actually ride it.

Much to my dismay this thing is either geared wrong or something is majorly wrong. After a few laps around the block, more than a few stalls the bike seems to be riding great in 2nd ok in 3rd. Get into fourth and it almost throws me over the bars.

Now I thought a 68 right side shift was from top to bottom, 1-n-2-3-4? Or maybe I'm just an idiot (actually I am an idiot I blew the bike up already literally), this is my first triumph. Turns out this is set up ..
4-n-3-2-1.. Is this common? maybe it's right I don't really know. If it's not why would someone do that? All I know is that it sucks shifting 3 times to get into first. And yes, the bike actually was able to start in 4th without stalling

And last question, can I change that without a complete case splitting nightmare?

Anyway since I talked about it so much, here it is. I tried to rebuild it using all swap, ebay, forum parts that were actually "vintage" Only thing really built past the mid 70s on it were the tires, cables, repop clutch levers, cables, grips..


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