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mounting/using Remote MC for frt brake ???

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I'm trying to get a clean handlebar, but still have a handbrake (I know i know)...

I'm using an internal throttle already..I'd like to limit the brake to just a basic clean lever......

NOW... has anyone used a remote master cylinder set up with good results???

Im looking @ the one from Fab Kevin....mounted somewhere on the frt legs inconspicuously...cable actuated...

any thoughts??or examples???
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There was another thread on this maybe a year + ago on this. Mid '70's BMW's had a remote M/C under the tank and came in 2 flavors, single and dual disc.
Beginning in '74 BMW placed the master cylinder under the tank on models using a front disc brake. Some complained that this remote location was a PIA for maintenance. My experiience has been that once a properly operating m/c is installed only periodic inspection is required. BMW tanks were designed with a cavity allowing for m/c fitment and clearrance.
I also llike the look of an uncluttered handlebar and I'm in process of building a hardtail evo Sporty so I'm looking for a small m/c to fit under the tank I'll have to modify. If you go the hidden m/c route let me know what you've found to use for your master cylinder.
You might also consider stainless brake lines. They make for a tighter brake and are less maintenance needy. Good luck!
Suzuki gs/gsxr mc are small and cheap on the ebay. . They look like the fab Kevin ones without the mount and mechanism. I retapped the banjo threads to standard and used a banjo bolt with a switch for brake lights. Cost me about $40 for everything.
Got this MC from Custom tech & made up the mounting bracket to fit behind / over the front light
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