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Had to put something in for price. Just wondering if old cycle shop cards are collectible? A friend stopped and gave me these to sell for him. I know the price is wrong. There are 8 older business cards from IL. and In.
B&L Cycle Engineering - Chicago, ILL
Gordon's Show and Go - Joliet, ILL.
Drunks Motorcycle Shop - Fort Wayne, In.
Joliet Custom Cycle - Joliet, ILL
Seckler Custom Painting - DePue, ILLINOIS
Dougs Motorcycle Parts - Bloomington, ILLINOIS
Villa Park Harley Davidson - Villa Park, ILL.
S.I.E. - Oak Lawn, ILLINOIS - Dominick Iorio Chairman of the Board

ALso have a booklet from:
California Cycle and Racing Supply - Fairbury, ILlINOIS
Buy a Sacred Cow fiberglass trike body for $149.00 or a chrome springer for $270.00 - Goodyear 5:00-16 tire - $30.50
Also have a 12 page booklet from Sport Accessories Intl. Inc. - Minneapolis, Minnesota. This shows posters - $1.00, patches - $1.00 - decals -.29.
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