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a friend of mine works for a science museum in the area & asked me a sort of challenging question this morning. she said the museum is brainstorming for ideas about a motorcycle exhibit & she asked me if i had any thoughts. well, of course id love to have all different era's, styles, makes & models show up in the exhibit but its not a history museum so that wont work. i thought that maybe since the physics behind the machine itself would be a good place to start. maybe an exhibit to show kids & (non-biker) adults how interesting the gyro effect is that keeps a bike upright & lets it lean & sweep through turns. she also mentioned that it had to be interactive. so i thought (if money was no object) that if they setup a "fake" motorcycle that people could "ride" on some sort of rigging that would let it turn & lean without letting it go too far or fall over. perhaps have it on some rollers (similar to a dyno) that would spin the wheels to make the gyro effect take place & the user could feel the difference in handling as the wheels were spinning fast or slow.

this was all i could come up with. what do you guys think?

they need an interactive exhibit at the local science museum thats all about motorcycles.....
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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