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Did some paintwork on one of the entrants(#48 Art Farley).Just checked the site and he's running in 12th position. Great to see that only one bike has dropped out and that was(I believe)due to an encounter with a 4 wheeler who decided to turn left in front of him.I don't think he was hurt badly but the bike wasn't capable of continuing.
Kind of a unique story behind the name on the bike.After I had striped the tanks Art had called me back to put the name "Grady" on the front fender.Not only is it the bike's name but also the name of his good friend and mentor who recently passed away.
Among the articles taken on the trip were Grady's H-D cigarette lighter that was gutted and had some of Grady's ashes inside. He wanted to go on the run but was too sick to travel.A fitting tribute.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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