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Morgo rotary oil pump with 750 kit or not.....

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what do ya'll experts figure, is the Morgo rotary pump worth the extra ka-ching when installing the 750 kit, or will the standard pump get ya down the road.
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the rotory pump can cause some problems with too much presure, and is generally considered a good race pump.
We use the Morgo piston pump, it is a great oil pump for a street bike, however it is in short supply at this time.
(Just my opinion)
I agree with Tony. I've known folks who had serious problems with overpressure with the rotary. The piston pumps work just fine. You'll likely improve nothing with a rotary and potentially buy problems.
For that matter, the factory pump will supply as much or more oil than you need if it is cleaned out and refurbed properly. There is almost nothing to these little pumps, and they don't require much in the way of refurb.

Was there something wrong with the pump in the motor to start with?
nothing wrong with the pump prior to dismantle, just wondering if investing the extra dollar actually had value, and since the consensus is no, I am figuring on spending in another area. Thanks for the input.
Also remember the oil pump is very easy to change out down the line if you decide you want Morgo later on.
that is true, I will see what kinda flow I have and make a change if necessary. Just placing an order for some miscellaneous stuff and started thinking too much, I guess.
It is easy to get sucked in to the hot new thing when sourcing parts. I realize the rotary pumps have been around a while, and at one time I thought it might be necessary too. Having had several triumphs with big bore kits, and aftermarket cams, I can say without a doubt that the factory pump is fine for all but the most brutal road racing needs....and even then I would be tempted to use the factory unit.

The Morgo piston pump works quite well too, but if you don't have to spend the money on it the staying with a good factory pump leaves you dollars to spend some place else as you maybe better carbs than you have, or a better set of valves/valve springs.

the factory pump is capable of delivering more oil than the engine will need as it is. Spend your hard earned spondulas elsewhere......lots of other places to make a difference.
I believe the oil pressure relief valve opens up at 55-60 lbs and much of that oil goes down into the crank case anyway. but the Morgo rotary pumps are higher volume pumps that deliver constant pressure when hot and intended primarily for racing applications. a great product but over kill for a street bike.
Lately we have had sumping problems with a couple of the brand new "English made" replacement oil pumps and after several attempts to re-seat the check ball ended up replacing them with the Morgo piston pumps.

many good oil pumps are needlessly replaced on engine rebuilds. clean and re-seat the check valves and they will be fine, Triumphs are not known for oil pump problems.
again, thanks for the input. Good to hear from practical experience, not "schoolyard heresay".
I have a morgo rotary still in the package I will sell you if you want it.
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thanks, but I am passing on the rotary
Hi there, i run a Rotary pump on a 1968 bonnie with in line oil filter, and have found it spot on, i was out at the weekend with some mates on Jap bikes and Harleys, we went up the motorway(there idea) at around 90/95 mph for over two hrs and the little triumph did not shame itself (combine age 95!) the more oil pumping around the better, have drilled an extra hole in oil pressure switch, i just make sure its breathing OK. But i do agree the triumph pumps are good pumps and not known to be a prob. but if your at 6000+rpm for over two hrs, you want to know oil is flowing. but get this bike on the twisty bits and it leaves them all behind (In a Puff of smoke)Just love these bikes
Glad to see your post Reno,put a rotary on my 750 t140,havent run it yet but had the oil p.switch drilled too.
Also been told you can get an oil filter(remote) with a high pressure by pass.
curious Reno, 90 mph for a couple hours, what teeth ya got on the rear hub. Am thinking of going to a 43 tooth setup with the cast drum and sprocket in one piece.
Hi there, its a 46 rear sprocket, 70+ mph = 4500/5000 rpm, 60000rpm about 90+, saying that, both rev counter and speedo are jumping about a fair bit. Cheers
I have a morgo rotary still in the package I will sell you if you want it.
So ….do you still have it to offer ?
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