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So, since its a weekly thing on the HAMB to do a model car post I figured I'd post some pics (albeit bad ones) of an old Linberg Triumph Tiger kit I did awhile ago.
I think the kit was from like '71 or '72 and I took the shrink wrap off.
Just like everything else, I didn't want to do it "stock" although it didn't take much to change it.
All I did was trim down the seat& exhaust, chrome foiled the front fender, then stuck it on the back & ommited some of the extra BS the kit came with.
In a true moment of geekness I even used the tail light from AMT's model A roadster kit.

Yes. I do spent too much time doing stupid things.

Sorry the pics are so crappy...I CAN NOT take a picture of a model to save my life.


1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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