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Well in beteewn workin on painten Gumby Chucks Shovel and runnin a body shop I thought today would be a good day to mock up some pieces of my next project its a 67 BSA Lighting single carb.Motor is in the shop now so I had a bunch of odds and ends pieces I been gather all summer from swap meets and from other peoples junk piles.I cant leave her ratty shes gonna get a nice shiney coat of scrumpShoelicious paint and trimmings.
Not sure on the Z bars yet might try a set of narrow medium size apes.Need to find me a seat pan of some sort yet.....Tank is gonna have to have some major slicen and reshapen also.......

And for fun since it was nice to day i thought I would throw a pic of me and my girliegirl scoopin the loop by our house I been doin this with here since she was 2 and she loves it......

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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