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Mixed up Triumph Tappet followers

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I used to work on Triumphs alot but took a several years long brake before diggin in on big bore kit on a '73 bonneville I bought recently. I was rushing through the tear down and when I pulled the cylinders off I forgot to rubber band the tappet followers to keep them in place and they fell out and got all mixed up. I know the intake vs the exhaust followers but after putting the tappet blocks into the new big bore cylinders Im noticing that one tappet follower is slightly higher than the other ie with the cylinders upside down on the bench, I slide the tappet followers into their holes and on the blunt side where they contact the cams one follower is slightly raised over its partner. Does anyone know which side is the high side and which is the low? Im guessing this difference means something as its the same on both intake and exhaust so any help in figuring this out would be much appreciated.
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Does this help
Font Auto part Parallel Engineering Diagram
Font Auto part Parallel Engineering Diagram
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IIRC, the bottom end of the guide block has flats on both the "toe" and the "heel" of the cam follower cutouts. One of the flats is wide and one narrow, and they leave witness marks on the follower where it contacts them that can provide a clue as to orientation. Seems to be something I remember in the foggy recesses of my mind anyway. :unsure:
never noticed a 'high' and 'low' cam follower before, but then it wouldn't be the first time something has come to my attention after the fact.
if i had come across this situation i would have thought two sets of different manufacturing batches/periods had been put together to make a full set. As long as the follower profiles are the same i don't see the issue. Any difference in height is taken up at the tappet adjuster, or am I missing something?.
Thanks for the info guys. That above pic shows just the oiler side but I was looking for locations on the other side without the oiling ports. I did look at the blocks and the followers and there were very distinct witness marks so that was the help I needed. Ive looked all over and havent found any info on why one would be longer than another but the bike did run for a long time under the ownership of a friend so I guess they worked at one point at different lengths. Im not on the Board much but anytime I turn here, I always get what I need. Thanks!
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Hi; I had similar doubt; if is minimum is not of importance. The camshaft lobe never reach that; so no matter at all.
Be sure that the action is smooth all the way in each block bore.
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