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Newly manufactured, by Wasp engineering, a company with 50 years experience building custom motocross frames, Metisse frame kit as originally offered by the Rickman brothers in the 1960s. Like the original frame this frame beautifully nickle plated with beautiful welding. The entire frame is oil bearing like the original. You get the frame, footrests, brake pedal, engine mounting plates and all the bodywork, including the front fender and complete airbox assembly with filters. Included is a large amount of hardware but you will probably want to invest in self locking nuts.
Add your wheels, suspension and engine and you are on your way to building your own classic 1960 motocrosser or street tracker. These are hand made and, as the British say, some fitting will be required.
Available for following British bikes: BSA B44 : BSA A65 : BSA Gold Star : Triumph 500 or 650 pre unit : Triumph Unit 500 twin : Triumph 650 Unit twin : Norton 750 Atlas(in black). Colors available are white, British Racing Green, red or blue. Sold on a Bill of Sale.
Please email all questions to [email protected]


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