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My name is Mark, and I live in Portland Oregon. I am building a 64 Triumph TR6SC chopper with as many handmade parts as I can make. I am taking a night class to have access to a lathe, Bridgeport, and bending machine. I have pix on Photobucket ( Chopper_Mark ) but I am a computer retard.

I used to ride Vespas and repaired/restored/modified them for fun and profit. That got me into 2-stroke motorcycles like RD400's and Suzuki T500's and I did a little engine work there and made my own rearsets. I always liked choppers and had sawed the shit out of my Vespa so for shits and giggles I made an extended fork for it. Then about 5 years ago I decided what I really wanted was a legit chopper so I started collect the shit to make my Triumph. The fabrication is nearly done, except that I keep on deciding to make more parts or make parts I already made better, and of course there is the matter of an engine rebuild.

I am not here to talk shit. If I have actual knowledge to share I will post it. I am pretty smart with engines but this is my 1st Truimph and I plan to soup it up a little. I will study the manual end to end to avoid asking super-dumb questions. I have tried posting on Triumph boards but most of those folks are a little pissy about me building a chopper.
I know the people here are the real deal and hopefully I can learn something and get this bike finished. Hopefully I can help out someone else with their project, too.

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ChopperMark said:
I am a bit of a recluse, Mike. Like VonDutch but WAY less talented.

Jason you trying to wind me up? It's really easy, ask Mike.

Now will one of you computer geeks put up a pic of my bike for me?

I have some scooters, but Lambrettas now. Spent some time in Portland too. Started Twist and Play scooter club when I was there. Damn, that was almost 9 years ago.....


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=mike= said:
long time no see mark , whats been going on anyhow ? I heard you were going to be down for a wedding or something ?
email me the rest if you arent into public displays of affection , or acting like you actually know me in real life . We used to be sort of friendly for about 10 years at one time . . . the internet is a cold lonely place ! Where have those good times gone ?!?!?
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