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Get a bunch of bends at your local pep boys or exhaust shoppe. Piece the bends together to get what you want and welded it all up and get it chromed, painted, or wrapped.Its pretty easy. If your worried about performance you can tune the lengths (math, yuck)for better more equal flow.
Nappy said:
My XS650 chop came a little further along over the holiday weekend and now I'm ready to tear into the exhaust. Except I'm not really sure how to do this.
Hoping to get some words of wisdom to get me going....

James on the HAMB did a great job in assembling his own exhaust using a chopped up header and a whole bunch of welding.

Based on stealing his idea, I guess one option would be to get a couple of mandrel bent pieces of stainless, piece together my exhaust, weld it all up with stainless wire and then grind and polish it up.

Or weld it up in regular pipe and get it chromed?

I'm trying to do this cheap, though.
Unfortunately my Harbor Freight pipe bender just crushes exhaust pipe.

Supposedly a local guy can do mandrel bends. If I can mock up some sort of pattern, would it be a good idea to let him bend it up and avoid the welds? How would I mock that up?

I want to have both pipes exit on the same side, so most stock Yamaha exhausts that I've seen are out.

Basically, I'm wondering how you pieced together your custom exhausts, what the advantages might be to doing it a certain way, and what it ended up setting you back $-wise.

Thanks in advance-
~ Rob Napp 'Nappy'
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