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Magneto on '76 Sportster

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Hey Fellas, I'm planning on installing a magneto on my 76 Ironhead. I've seen three different installations, one was installed through the Tachometer port, one was installed similarily useing an earlier 900 side cover, and I think the third was installed off the original 76's timing cone. Any advice on mounting a mag to my 76 would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
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I think the early stock cam cover with the stock magneto mounting placement is the nicest looking to be honest
Get ahold of, they have one that will fit into the stock cover.
Unless you plan on spending a ton of money, after you get the mag, the best way to go, would be to get the one that mounts in the Tach drive, which I "think" you called the speedo drive. The speedo drive on a 76 was on the front wheel. The tach drive is in the cam cover. I would stay away from the side mount one, just because they are prone to damage, in tight spaces. Nothing worse than having a mag, that will always get you home, with a busted cap from hitting something. The verticals are much more forgiving. Changing the cam cover, can get expensive. You have to replace the cover and cams, and much more time, because you have to shim the cams, and do a full inspection of the cam chest. The "Bolt In" mag, for you, would be the tach drive unit. But then, that is the easy way. If you want the hardest, just let me know. I can walk you through it all the way. After you spend around 1000 for the mag and mount, and a "good" cam cover and cams. I would guess around 1500, unless you find a used mag and mount. Good runners are on here all the time for around 500, most don't have a mount. Hope this helps.
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Thanks for correcting me, I meant to say Tach drive port, not speedo. I'm leaning in the direction of this style. Its looking a little pricey going the route of the early cover.... but you never know. I just may be contacting you for some advice.
Can the same mag be mounted either way? Or are they different designs.
The mags are, or can, be the same. The difference is the shaft and housing. You can pick up any hunt or morris, used or new and purchase the mount to fit your needs. If you go used, be ready to spend a little on it too. Usually the cheaper they are, the more you will have to spend to make it a good dependable unit. The factories will refurbish them for a pretty decent price.
Been wanting one of the tach port mount ones myself. Anyone have the shaft/mount information needed to set one up?
Get ahold of, they have one that will fit into the stock cover. ask For Dave Shaw or Jesse
seen that one/been back to it many times. Hoping for info on the tach hole mount setup.
Morris offered an ironhead tach port mag for a couple of years then discontinued it for reasons I forgot (shaft breaking or worm gear something)...but their intention was to definitely improve on it for another crack at reselling it.
But I haven't heard or seen anything on the market in a few years.
You can contact Morris and they will surely give you an answer.
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