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Magic Carpet Ride "Back Porch Choppers"

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Well I decided to start a new thread on my triumph build. I really was not happy with anything from the old thread including my self. I will not make any excuses I know my quality of work and craftsmanship on the last thread where trash and I am capable of better. Anyway my pre unit frame that was set up for a unit motor has fallen to the wayside when I scored this awesome C&G chopper frame from Jamie at Blue Moon Kustoms. It needs some work which I have already started. Had to take out the ugly square center down tube replaced it wite round tube and moved it. Hforward about two inches. Also had to rework the lower tubes where someone in the past had hacked off the lower motor mounts and stick welded on a huge side stand lug. Here are some pics feed back welcome. Pics in a min.
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Start your new stuff , forget about the old . Do a great job now nobody cares what you did before.. let your work speak for itself.
Thanks for the support Loffer

For some reason I can't post pics from my phone, my computer took a dump. My cousin. Is supposed to come over and fix it. So for now if you want to see pics of the work I have done on the Magic Carpet Ride look at my last few post in my other build thread " my first chopper and it happens to be a Triumph".

Today I filled some unneeded holes finished cutting out the stupid piece of tube off the backbone that ran between the seat rails. Drooped the motor in the frame got everything leveled up and centered then started fanning up a rear motor mount.
Open an account with photo bucket. Send your pics there. Then use the html link for each pic. Simply copy and paste your code into the message text box of your post. It takes a little longer but it works. I don't have internet for my computer. This economy has me cutting corners everywhere.
Well I spent a little while this morning uploading some photos to photo bucket and now I just need to figure our how to download them here

Most all day I spent making a tool. I made a little jig to fit in my pipe Bender so I could bend flat strap. Anyway I got the rear motor mount fabbed up and tacked in place. Now I just need to figure it a way to make the bottom mounts.
move the mouse over the pic,it will open drop the bottom link,it will copy automaticly.paste it yer post.MAKE sure you paste on a new line.its the easiest way to get full size pics on here
Click on img link and copy it and then paste it in the post next to your text.
OK guys let me give this a try. Here is the frame I bought from Jamie at BlueNoonKustoms. He said it is a C&G from back in the day. Here it is in the rough.


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Here it is after I cut out the square center down tube and the unneeded piece of backbone that ran between the seat rails.


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Here are pics of where I fixed the lower frame rails and in some of the pics you can see the new center down post.


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Oh yeah here are some pics when I first got the frame with a bunch of parts thrown on it just to see where it might go

I'll post more tomorrow with more pics of work I've done the past few days. Thanks for looking and feed back is always welcome.


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You're posting the wrong links if you want the pictures to show up. You need to copy and paste the "image" link. You are posting the URL.

Easy as pie. When you hover over your photo and the 4 links drop down below. Just copy and paste the Bottom' link here. No extra work needed.
OK so I click on the pic on photo bucket and nothing happens. I click on the address box and I get copy URL or share to FB or twitter only. Where do I find the image link?

If it isn't to much trouble if you guys can see the pics from the links I posted please take a look and leave me some feed back. I really want to share my work. Once I figure out this photo bucket I'LL get posted pics up.

Thing is I am doing the photo bucket on my phone. My computer decided to take a shit on me. How do I get the drop down on my phone?
like so:

copy image location or URL and paste that into the image (IMG) box. or copy & paste the entire
"[ IMG ] [ /IMG ]" link.
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OK finely got my computer fixed so I posted the pics for you guys. I'll post more later been pretty busy here and at my full time job. Did get some pics of it mached up with the motor in it. I couldn't get the chain gears to line up properly and thought it may be something I messed up while doing work to the frame so I am currently building a frame jig. Going now to HF for a new tool box I need more storage space.
Wow it's been a while since I posted in this thread. I've still been hacking away at this sucker when I have time. I been working out of town a lot so that limits my time on the back porch and of course Magic Carpet Ride only gets attention when I have some extra cash to spend on her. Anyway here is the direction she has taken. Recent goodies have included such parts as a Chopphead finned oil tank, Led Sleds Mohawk fender, narrowed sporty tank from Throttle Addiction, hand tooled seat from Hard Luck Designs, new finned motor mounts from Biltwell amoung other shit. anyway here she is after mach up, now she is back to just the frame getting final welds and the tins are at Flame Thower Customs getting paint.


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Thanks hapygil, I have pretty much a full build thread on it on two other forums sinse they have tapatalk and I could post from my phone. I just got a new computer that is why I posted here also have a blog about the build If you want PM me and I'll tell you where you can find the build threads.
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