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low mount oil bag on a shovel?

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Im building a 79 swingarm shovel. I have seen a few pics of some oil tank mounted down low on the down tubes of the frame. In between the forward controls. My question is if i do this do i run the oil line the same way? Is there anything else that needs to be done? Like oil pump?
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Dyna's SG have low oil pans (Under the trans) with low oil lines. Just keep then away from things that drag, scrape or could come in contact with dead animals on the roadway.

Low oil lines and tanks also help in preventing sumping.

Not sure I'd be going BELOW the level of the oil pump though.
To each his own, but I hate that look. You have super long oil lines unning all over the place. Some would argue that that adds to the oil capacity, cooling etc.. but on the other hand it opens up the possibility of scraping one of those long ass lines on some road debris and then you know what happens shortly after that.

I would also worry about the pump having premature failure.

I would also worry about the pump having premature failure.


That would always be in the back of my mind bugging me during a ride..
Thanks for the info guys. Thats why i ask before i try new thinks. I think ill stay away from that on this build.
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