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i was actually running a 530 chain on my 75 CL360 honda and it worked just fine. buy one and then size it. i.e. cut out the links that you don't need. seats are cheap on the egay as well as some tanks. i just ran a sporty on mine and it looked alright.

rockabilly_bass said:
ok im in need of a low buck tank... i think there is a pattern of what i need , low buck shit ha ha. i need something with a petcock in it preferably. i know very little about bikes , so im taking on a small project to get started . i got a 1974 honda cb450 no chain seat tank or tires . but the thing was for free, so i snapped at the chance. im not sure how to find the chain , what specs i need to look at , im assumeing somethign to do with sprockets and crap. someone help me out , im goin crazy,

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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