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lots of triumph & BSA parts

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Have a lot of small stuff to list and ill b adding as i can. paypal accepted-MAKE OFFERS

Triumph and Bsa Haynes manuals- $20 ea shipped
Amal jets- set of 160,190,210-$20 shipped all 3 sets
Unity 6" spotlight w mounting bracket, excellent shape-$40 shipped(included pic of same light on my BSA for visual)
BSA 650 kick return spring brand new-$10 shipped
BSA 650 clutch springs and timing side internal seals, all brand new-SOLD
Old skool aluminum "limp dick " taillight w glass lense-no internals-$10 shipped-SOLD
Harley style ignition, brand new-$12 shipped-SOLD
Cool as shift knob, looks like an old military jeep shift knob(same style)-$15 shipped
Set of baffles-$15 shipped


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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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