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My friend just picked up an early xlch and his looking to sell off some stuff to help pay for the rebuild its gonna get
all price do not include shipping
if your interested please pm me or email me at [email protected]

1. complete 33.4mm front end with 7/8" stem
nice shape all there should clean up pretty nice headlight and eyebrow included also has risers and bars to go with it (front rim is not included)
looking for $450 for everything but he will seperate the bars risers etc. and the price would be lower

2. full set of tins (tank, rear fender, front fender)
they are in decent shape not show quality but they will clean up okay maybe with a wet sand and polish they will show nice, good for a rider or a rougher looking bike, all painted and pinstriped to match
looking for $150 for the set (will include tail light tombstone light and sissybar also)

3. Leather Cobra Seat
has a cool diamond button pattern on it
great shape no rips or tears at all looks very very clean

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