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Looking for advice on a NSU 250 Super Max

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I picked this up for $800.00. It's pretty much complete bars and controls.

The motor is supposed to be seized but I have not really looked into it yet.

Do these bikes have any value?

I do like it, but I am not sure what these things are really worth. I could easily put 2 to 3 grand restore it (if not a little more).

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curious as to why you spent 800 on a bike not knowing if its rare or collectable
It was part of a package deal of stuff I bought, so I had to buy it to get the other stuff I wanted.
Dont think the NSUs bring alot of cash.. Here in Sweden you can get one in mint condition for between 2000-3000 $
Thanks for the info!

Here is the only one I have found for sale and it's $8,500
Thanks for the replies.

It seems it's not really worth putting much money into.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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