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Pricein add
Ok gotta unload some parts to get more first off i have a narrowglide with forking by frank tubes 12'' over in good condition no rust or pits and has good seals asking 150buck with out trees or 180bucks with trees

next i have a 19 ich twisted spoke wheel in great condion no rust or pics comes with brake rotor 75 bucks

next got a set of 74 ironhead heads in useable condition for 100 bucks

also have ironhead 30 over jugs for 50bucks rear one has broken fins but could use it in a pinch

have internal throttle for 40 bucks
also have a new style sporty tank for 75 clean inside but needs paint
have matching after market tach and speedo for 50 for the pair


1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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