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Loctite on Triumph case bolts? ( thread locker trump )

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I just bolted my cases back together after rebuilding the bottom end. I put loctite on the two small top inside screws. Should I put loctite on all the surrounding outside case bolts and nuts? I was thinking of removing the bolts / nuts one at a time and applying loctite, but I haven't heard much about folks putting loctite on these.
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I would recommend against using red or green loctite on any fastener going into aluminum. Blue is fine.

Red and green both require heat to remove and even with that, can be a real pain.
+ 1 on that.
Btw - I don't think any of the case bolts / nuts had loctite on them when I removed them.
you are over thinking it. those two small bolts inside the barrel holes were eliminated in the later years of the Triumph engines and they can't come out when the barrels are in place.
using Locktite on any case bolts will likely cause damage to that engine the next time it need to come apart.
we never use it on any bolt that goes into aluminum, even the blue.
Hey Tony- you ever use the stuff in fork assemblies?

I'm putting a set together now and was wondering- pressure tubes, the bottom retainer blots etc. Thanks in advance.
I can't speak to Trump cases specifically. However I use blue on everything that I ever want to take apart but not have fall apart. I use red if I don't ever want to take it apart again. Ever.
One of my scoots is a Yamaha Road Star and they dip that fucker in red loctite....part of their secret to keeping it held together I guess.
Hey Tony- you ever use the stuff in fork assemblies?

I'm putting a set together now and was wondering- pressure tubes, the bottom retainer blots etc. Thanks in advance.
I get to take apart a lot of Triumphs at the shop and there is not too many places in or on the engine other than the exhaust spigots (mostly from poor pipe mounting) that is ever loose. Don't assume there is no real good reason for that special fastener to be there.
Using the correct fastener in the correct place is The most important thing, Triumph had a 50 year test and evaluation period of the 650/750 twin, and as long as you do the right thing it will be a good motor.
We do use Locktite on the con rod nuts and the rotor retaining nut, the trans mainshaft nut, and clutch basket nut, and that's about it.
Many people forget that the Triumph motorcycle company, in the interest of profit, was not putting things on these bikes that wasn't absolultely essential. and the head stays keep a lot of the engine and frame bolts from shaking loose.
But to answer your question, as for the forks, nothing there ether except the triple tree pinch bolts often time settle in after a new assembly as does the stem bearings, and that is a good reason NOT to use Locktite. we do use Yamabond on the bottom dampener bolt to help keep the leaks down.
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Thanks for all your replies! I think blue loctite won't to do much in addition to the tightness of the bolt / nut. Not in this case for these particular fasteners. Red would, but blue, probably not. So i think i'll skip it for now. I'll probably just check and tighten (if necessary) all the case bolts after each of a few heat / cool cycles during the first few runs of the engine.

Thanks again!
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