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Linkert M-77

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Have problems to get my bike running properly. I am searching around for info about my linkert card. Can´t find any info.

It´s a Linkert M-77, mounted on my 45" Flatty.

Would appreciate if someone had any info about it.
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M-77 does not appear in my literature.
Could it possibly be M-97?

Can you post a photo?

Most Service Manual instructions are applicable to most models.


I very much appreciate the photo for my carbstamp collection!

Unfortunately, I can only add to my list of "mystery carbs."

The lack of a vent on the sides indicates that it must have a vented venturi, like an M-88 and Indian models.

The highspeed needle knob has an unusually small hole in its center.
Since venturi-vented H-D models were usually military, with fixed jets and capped HS needles, I would suspect the fixed jet has been plugged, and the needle is a replacement, perhaps of modern manufacture.

The lowspeed spring collar appears to be a thick one (?), suggesting it is a 1941 production (or replaced with a later OHV collar at some time.)

L&L literature cites rotating the valve of the bowl close to the choke mechanism; Positioned at ninety degrees to the carb body, as yours is installed, usually causes the float to hang up upon the bowlstem.

I would be greatfull if you could post us the venturi bore measurement,
and any other intermal observations when you get inside of it.

Thanks in advance,

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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