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Pricein ad
All prices include shipping for US only, if you are somewhere else we can work something out. I only accept US Postal Money Orders... If you don't like a price, shoot me an offer. Thanks for looking.
Head light, 6" wide, 5" deep, finish is pretty nice, mounting bracket has very slight pitting, $30 shipped SOLD

Tail light, stainless steel Model A, brand new, real glass lens, not plastic, bulbs included, $35 shipped

Shift knobs:
Small 1 5/8" black Daka-ware saturn, the real deal, not re-pop, $15.00 shipped-SOLD
2" pink knob, $15.00 shipped
2" black flat-top, $15.00 shipped
1 1/4"x3 1/2" aluminum, not stripped, just no threads, $15.00 shipped
2" green flat-top with winged skull (motor-ride free-cycles on harley-style badge) pretty damn classy, $30.00 shipped

Footboard mounting tab, US made, $25.00 shipped

Hiems joint (2LH, 2RH), new, stainless, for 3/8 mounting bolts, and 3/8 threads, $25.00 shipped -SOLD

Top; 12" from pivot to bend at foot, $20.00 shipped -SOLD
Bottom; 11" from pivot to bend at foot, no mount, $15.00 shipped

Master cylinder, pretty good shape, not ate-up, $20.00 shipped -SOLD
Clutch, good shape as well, $15.00 shipped -SOLD

Front brake caliper, from a showa front end, not great looking, but works, wrinkle paint is flaking, $25.00 shipped

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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