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led headlights?

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ok - i cant find anything over here - maybe you lot over there have some info on it

i am going to run the 45 on a mag and dont want a loom on the bike so... i want to make up a headlight with a switch on the top for on/off with has an led bulb [like the bicycle ones but brighter] and has the batteries inside it

sounds simple but i cant find an appropriate bright led bulb that will be suitable for the front light over here

anyone any ideas or done anything similar?

[i need high beam and low beam but i can deal with that by putting 2 bulbs in and 2 switches on top or something unless i can get a 2 beam bulb]
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Mate of mine tought the yanks how to cheat at the drags (drag bikes had to run the cruise unaided...) 9 volt battery tapped up in the headlight, normal bulb/s....

Not sure about Led's for a headlight... I'd just run 9's on a normal...
9s on a normal? huh??
You should be able to get 9 volt "normal" car/bike twin fillament bulb.

that would fit in a bates etc... and just run it off 9 volt batteries inside the headlight. Get a small cheap 9V charger and recharchable batteries, and your sorted, It doesn't solve the led thing, but still means you can run a bates style light etc... with no wiring.

Some trick charging posts in the headlight shell and some small modifications to the charger (croc clips) should mean you also don't have to dispantle the unit every time to charge the batteries.
good thinking and in plain english this time - sorry being slow today...

is thre any way i can work out wha sort of light time i would get out of a battery?

if i was to use say one of these

or is there a better type of 9v you know of?
had a though

if i get one of these and mount the battery in it im good to go - switches already done just need a recharge point on it

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will you ever take it on a roadtrip, long ride or ride at night?

what about a brake/taillight?

dont squander that sweet 45's potential for being a rider by not giving it some real lights. the electrics dont have to be elaborate, just functional- a single wire to the headlight and two to the tail. run them inside the frame wherever possible.

it seems crazy to limit your possibilities or be thethered to a battery charger because you dont want to have any wires.
dunno how you'd work out light time... probably not that long esp with one of them, best bet is to look at the model car shop kinda place and have a word with them. i know they used to make the bigger square 9Volts for bicycles. dunno if you can get rechargeable ones of those...

I'm still feeling a little shakey from the weekend myself, enfield h/l or something similar would be cool.

Depends if your just trying to get it through proper MoT (opposed to daylight mot) or if you actually want to run it when its dark alot....
rear light and brake already fully sorted - that is an easy self contaked led system - most of the parts are shelf parts and it will last about a year before needing replacing

its not so much the wires im bothered about - what i want to do away with is generator regulator rectifier battery fuses etc.... all i want is engine gearbox and mag as far as running goes

worry not... the bike will be a real rider :)

i just need to work out a similar useable system for the front then im a happy man - but yea it needs to light up the road - also i was looking at a system where as i can replace the battery aswell as recharge - basically i need to sort a system that will run for say 2 hours or so - sadly im no electrician so help always needed on that front...
will be much more difficult than the back, as if you've ever run 6 volt or 9 volt lights you'll know the difference.

if your not fussed about actual wires i'd actually run a bicycle dynamo, the ones that rub on the tyre... they're only little and wouldn't take much to run, should be fine on a 45. not like your doing 90 on a japper... and you can flick it off in teh day to save wear...

of course if you boys in the far side have any bright ideas i'm sure they'd be appreciated.
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